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When it comes to meeting fellow trainer enthusiasts, the one thing that I find at the core of every chance encounter, is a sincere passion when they speak of “That trainer” or “That moment”.

The “That moment” that I speak of might be when, you first saw Run DMC rocking the laceless Adidas Superstars, or when you saw your favorite rapper rocking some Air Force 1’s on MTV or just a chance encounter with “That guy” with the crazy shoe game that sparked your deep love for the trainer culture.

For me? It could of been the childhood trips to Frederick Reed, North West London’s long gone premiere trainer shop in the 80’s and 90’s with my father a self confessed trainer addict himself. I recall being fascinated with the colors and fabrics and the silhouettes of the gems stashed  within his collection. But although my primary school years were filled with Adidas, British Knights, Fila’s and Ewing’s, that spark for this culture really hit me when I first saw a picture of Will Smith in an issue of the Radio Times back in 91’. Rocking the the white Air Jordan V ‘Grape’ (still my favourite Jordan to date) and a cocky grin, it was at that moment that I had found a new love in my life.

It’s this same passion that has led me on a journey over the last few years to make new friends, learn more about the culture, gain new insights and create

Therefore its only fitting that for February, our month of launch we highlight the players, the taste makers and the scene shapers for whom, sharing that exact same passion has led them to create careers, explore new thoughts and realize new dreams. Take Fresh Laces for example, they talk to us about their rise from a humble sneaker event to recently making bold moves with luxury department store Harvey Nichols . Young artist Helen Hart maintains the theme, speaking on how her life long passion for the arts and trainers prompted her to fuse the two and create an insightful and innovative art collection.

In our weekly feature ‘Crepe Talk’ we chat to the everyday person on the street and get an insight into why they chose to wear the heat that day, as well as how they see themselves within this culture. The often overlooked British Basketball League gets its time to shine in “Tha Jump” and we kick things off with the London Lions as we take a glimpse in to what they wear on court.

So just kickback, enjoy and join the movement.


Nathaniel (Editor)


Keep them clean.

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